Misadventures, Shenanigans, and Skylarking

By The Jet-set Dale Williams

katcandu asked: What's your purpose for traveling this time around? For fun or for work?

This is most assuredly a social call to S.E. Asia. I am visiting an old friend that moved here and getting what travel in that I can. I suppose networking could always be claimed as well!

Singaporean St. Paddy’s Day

Finally able to travel, a quick hop down to Singapore allowed me to stretch my legs in preparation for a soon to be longer trek further north. Wandering the streets and subway, I found that Singapore certainly lives up to its reputed cleanliness and grandeur. A marvel, to say the least, was most certainly the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and corresponding mall and casino. In lieu of the city’s reputation as a major shipping hub, it only seemed natural to see what appeared to be a cruise liner in the sky.

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Off the Grid

It has been awhile, dear readers, since my last posting. This sad but necessary turn of events was due primarily to the completion of my degree. The other setback was that I was nestled safely in my Northern California home. It is understandable, then, that I lay dormant until I was again “off the grid…”

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goodbyetocitylights asked: Hey mate, glad to read that you're enjoying my city! Hope you keep having an amazing time.

Thanks! New Zealand was great :D

method-to-my-melody asked: I just came across your blog and I love it! It's nice to read something besides constant reblogs. You add a nice personal touch. I'm following!

Thank you, it has been a pleasure to document my travels :D

Restock and Replenish: Christchurch Intl. Airport

Thursday August 18

Waking up early, I headed to the airport in order to see if I could again hop on a plane to Sydney. I was still a day early but I had high hopes as to what I could accomplish. Walking around and grabbing a light breakfast, I basically camped out in front of the Qantas information desk until someone came to answer my pleas for an earlier flight. That answer was a brief and concise no, though.

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Kaikoura and the train to Christchurch

Wednesday August 17

Today, whales were on the menu, at least in the sense of watching them. Noted for its whale watching, Kaikoura has many such eco-tourist attractions ranging from its seals and dolphins to whales providing both sea and air adventures for all those willing. Unfortunately, the weather was too poor for either option today so I was left to my own devices until I had to catch the train to Christchurch that evening. Braving that “horrible” weather, I found myself walking the beach admiring the snowcapped mountains in the distance as well as the savage display the sea was providing.

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Two if by sea… Wellington to Picton and Kaikoura

Tuesday August 16

With gray skies still threatening, I boarded the Interisland Ferry in Wellington. The ultimate destination today would be Kaikoura through Picton but the road there was a treacherous one. The initial stretch included the Cook Straight followed by a coastline train adventure.

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The Bus: Rotorua to Wellington

Monday August 15

Arising to the rain and sleet, I made my way to the bus stop in Rotorua. Witness to the frantic warnings of a very colorful bus driver about road closures, the bus was boarded by five brave souls and we set off southbound. Slicing through the sheets of water and winding through the hills and valleys, cities gradually slipped by with blue, grey, and black skies abound.

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